UNL Clay Sale

This coming Friday and Saturday is the UNL clay club sale. This is a great event where all the grads and a few undergrads clean up the studios and put our work out for sale to the community. The Clay Club gets 30%, which we use to bring visiting artists to the school, subsidize trips to NCECA, and maintain our photo equipment. This year we brought two artists, Julia Galloway and Akio Takamori, to do two days of demos, critique and lecture. It really is a great thing!

This year we have introduced something new to the clay sale – a preview with one of our faculty before the doors open on Friday morning. In December, Gail Kendall talked to a group of 20 interested customers about how to tell what kind of clay something was made out of, and the value of buying something which is marginally functional and more. Pete Pinnell is going to do the clay preview this spring. I find him to be interesting and insightful, and think you will, too. Come.


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  1. Jane Ellen Isabella

    Normandy – fantastic website!! I loved exploring your work, your words and all of the wonderful information here. Still soaking in all. Gorgeous!! Thank you for helping me find my way back to all that I love.


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