The Clay Studio graduate show

I am pleased to be included in this year’s MBK (Marge Brown Kalohner) Graduate Student Exhibition this summer at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. This piece got juried in by Garth Johnson. One of the perks about this show for me is that it is close to where I grew up and I will be able to see it in person when I go and visit my parents this summer.

The Clay Studio has a special place in my heart. I took classes there about ten years ago when I was still a baby in clay. (Here’s a shout out to you, Paul Donnelly!) I spent the year after I graduated college feeling a little lost. I had just graduate with a biology degree, but found myself falling in love with clay my last year of school. I convinced my parents to let me turn one of their rooms in their finished basement into a studio, bought a wheel, and would shuttle work back and forth from The Clay Studio.

Now, miracle of miracles, my mom has followed in my footsteps. SHE is taking classes at The Clay Studio and has turned a different room in her finished basement into a studio, (waaay nicer than mine ever was!), bought a wheel and is shuttling work back and forth. What’s next, Mom? MFA?!


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