Cairncrest Farm Solstice Celebration

Every year I celebrate the longest day of the year with a Solstice Party at Cairncrest Farm. We invite all of our local friends and neighbors to come over and hang out with us on the front porch, play lawn games, share a meal, whatever. This year I feel the fullness of life even more acutely, as I have my MFA degree in hand, an accomplishment I feel proud to have completed. These last four or five years I have had a lot on my plate – I bought a farm, started a business, had two kids, got an MFA and built (almost) a house! I think I’m going to look back on this time in my life and think I was completely crazy.

adminCairncrest Farm Solstice Celebration

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  1. Olive Collier Green

    this is my first time finding the courage to write a response, to something that touches me so deeply.
    I’m a Daughter of the Earth, it brings so much joy to see Women understanding our connection to Mother Earth, and finding away to realise it.
    I just found out about your amazing work. You see , I’m working hard to buy land , and establish an Organic Farm, for my Daughters and Grandchildren. To teach them the old ways.
    To Have That Intimate Relationship With MOTHER EARTH..
    Be Well!
    Continue to Celebrate Life!
    Olive sunflower

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