About my work

The rural landscape where I live in upstate NY inspires me. On a 200 acre farm on the far side of Otsego County  I am building a house, a business, a family, a life. My vision for all of these extends beyond my own capabilities and lifespan. It is a vision of elegance, simplicity and utility. The pots that I make are reflections of this vision, and embody the qualities of the life I seek. They are both exuberant and quiet, expansive and constrained.

In upstate New York the landscape swoops and recedes with logic and grace. Evidence of agriculture is everywhere. The lines and textures in topography are not incidental. They describe farming practices, cultural values, and personal narrative. Through them I understand the undulations in topography as well as histories of tax code, land rights and machinery. My pots refer to an abstracted landscape. Like a windrow, lines on my pottery  describe and enhance form, as well as reveal how we are circumscribed by our tools.

The pots I make are intended for domestic use. Though the parameters of functional work can be explained simply, meeting their exacting demands is far from simple. I operate under the conviction that the domestic sphere holds great power and potential. Objects associated with the home collectively tell a story of the values, traditions and aspirations of its inhabitants. For this reason I believe pottery holds relevance and potency in contemporary society.

Contact:    Normandy Alden   156 Talbot Rd   West Winfield, NY 13491    |    normandy@normandyalden.com   |    215-595-7058

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